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Rachael & Alexander

A Florida elopement in the Ocala National Forest?! Heck yes!!

Guys!!!! I don’t know what shined brighter on this day, the hot and blazing Florida sun or the love shared between these two souls!

Alex and Rachael were so much fun to be around. They were lighthearted and bubbly and I LOVEDDD getting to spend this day with them. Needless to say, their bond made for some stunning photos.

Check out the photos we got as we all explored the Ocala National Forest taking pictures and having a good time during this Florida Elopement!

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bride laughing while hugging groom, florida elopement, intimate day, destination wedding photographer
florida elopement, couple excited and cheering, destination wedding photographer
florida elopement, couple excited and cheering
florida elopement, detail photo of unique ring, brides arms around grooms neck as she holds bouquet and smiles
laughing bride, over the shoulder of groom, destination wedding photographer, florida elopement
black and white vertical image of bride laughing, scrunched up nose smile, florida elopement, destination wedding photographer
happy couple dancing happily and laughing in the middle of the forest
groom getting ready, fixing his glasses, look into camera, florida elopement
florida elopement, groom looking off, wearing vintage glasses
florida elopement, bridal portrait, black and white image, fierce bride
bridal portrait, bride looking off toward the sky, happy and holding her bouquet, florida elopement
groom walking bridal as she gives him a huge smile, florida elopement, Ocala national forest, destination wedding photographer
Florida Elopement, happy couple
black and white, through the veil photo of bride smiling at groom about to kiss him, Ocala National Forest, Florida Elopement
Florida elopement, golden hour, happy couple laughing and hugging,


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Rachael & Alexander

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