Hey,I'm Jasmine.


Fur momma.


I'm a five foot tall, friendly ambivert who is full of life and laughter. To put it simply: I'm passionate about love, marriage, and photography and being a full-time photographer is the way that I combine all three. I can't imagine doing anything more rewarding with my life.

To be able to capture love, emotions and memories in the most beautiful way that I possibly can is what I live for.

Some things I love include but are not limited to: my husband, cats, paddle boarding, rewatching F.R.I.E.N.D.S or The Office, exploring new places, meeting new people and I love communicating using GIF's.

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↠ Where are you based & do you travel?

I'm based out of the beautiful sunshine state of Florida and I absolutely love to travel! 60 miles of travel is included in my prices but if you need me to travel farther, I'd 1000% be down to do so! Let's start a chat here!

↠ Can we meet you before booking?

Heck yeah - that's actually a pre-requisite! I want you to feel confident in hiring me. Meeting before booking will help ensure that we have a great connection and that I am the right photographer for you.  We can grab a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop or we can schedule a phone call or Facetime/Skype call - whichever is more convenient for you!


You definitely can! Prints, albums, and keepsake boxes can be ordered through your online gallery as well. All of the products I offer are professional grade and all albums are heirloom flat lays.

↠ How will we receive our photos?

I will send you a link to a personal online gallery containing your finalized images. You're able to to view, share and download your images all within this gallery.

↠ How would you describe your style?

I capture my couples as who and how they are and when it comes to my editing style, I strive for the same. Authentic. That is how I would describe my style. In your search for a photographer, you've probably seen styles described as "light and airy" or "dark and moody" and the thing is: I don't identify with either. Just like everything else, photography has trends that come and go but I believe that your images should be a true, accurate representation of you, your relationship, and your day. 

↠ Are you more of a photojournalistic or traditional photographer?

I like to think that I am the perfect combination of both. I make sure to grab quite a few traditional formal photos - you know, so mom can use them as bragging rights on Facebook ;) but the rest of the time I really lean towards capturing genuine emotion throughout your day and capturing those beautiful, in between moments as they happen.

Don't see your question?

↠ how can we book yoU?

Woop woop! So glad you've asked! So first, you need to reach out! We will then schedule a meeting of some sort (in person meeting, phone call or Facetime/Skype) to discuss any details and any questions you may have. Once you've decided to that we make a good match, I will send over a digital contract along with an invoice for you to review and sign. A 50% retainer fee is due at signing for all weddings, sessions and events. Once your contract is signed and your retainer fee is paid, I'm officially all yours!

↠ Do you work off of a shot list?

Aside from family formals, I do not. The reason behind this is because as awesome as some Pinterest photos may be, I'd rather focus on telling YOUR story in all it's glory. If i'm working off of a shot list, chances are I'll be too focused on getting all of those shots and potentially miss something else as it's happening in the moment. At the end of the day, or should I say in 10/15/50+ years, you won't want to have photos that have been recreated and mean nothing to your relationship. You will want real moments captured. Moments that were unique to you and your story.